New Year, New Game

Well with the new year, we are kicking off a new gaming campaign. Since we’ve got some new joiners and some returning friends, as well as a new DM, we’re starting anew with characters. This is the part I’m supposed to be good at (the description) but truthfully the fiction part of my brain seems to be sort of blocked.

In general, I tend to be a visual person so I began my search today for an image of a changeling sorceress (other terms used: sorceror, witch, crystal ball, celtic cloak, etc.) Truthfully what I’m picturing is a little like Morgain in The Mists of Avalon. Probably not entirely appropriate for the urban city of Sharn, but I’m a romantic.

My new character is named Zoe. She is a sorceress by birth – her mother and grandmother before her were very powerful sorceresses, but sadly both are gone now. She moved to Sharn as a child, sometime after her mother’s death, to live with her Aunt Elsbeth who has dabbled a bit in magic but has chosen not to become a sorceress. Zoe is neutrally aligned, soft-spoken and can make herself nearly invisible – her changeling side allows her to simply blend into the background when she so wishes. What she does not realize, however, is that when she has let her guard down, she has such a natural intensity and gift with magic, that she is also unforgettable to those who have seen her true face.

More recently she has spent her time studying under a wizard Galan to learn the art of healing and identifying substances and magic. She is very intuitive, but also enjoys learning and practicing with her mentor. She is in her early to mid-20s now and cannot quite put her finger on this restless feeling that seems to have entered her soul. Little does she know that tonight she will meet several people who will take her on an adventure beyond her imagination.


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