Sobering Facts

Last night I sat down and watched Al Gore’s An Inconvenient Truth with friends. I had heard from my parents that it was a must-see, but my friends had some skepticism. Overall, it was extremely well done, relying on scientific fact and images that were indisputable. Humans are playing a role in the everchanging environment, and we cannot deny it. The truth is somewhat depressing and bleak.

So I wasn’t even surprised this morning to see this tidbit on Slashdot. Although the prospect of new discoveries in geography sounds promising, the sad truth is that we are irrevocably changing the world around us. And it is highly unpredictable what could happen next: either searing heat (global warming) or freezing temperatures (another Ice Age?). Within a relatively short time, the world’s oceans could be raised as much as 20 or 25 feet, submerging cities we know today, including parts of Los Angeles.

It is truly scary.


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