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Since I returned to work on January 2, I’ve been missing something from my mornings. I couldn’t quite figure out what it was until this week. And then I found this article.

Star 98.7 drops morning show

Welcome to week two of 2007. We’re still reeling from week one’s local radio news that popped louder than a champagne cork on New Year’s Eve.

The headliners: KYSR/98.7 FM canceled the Jamie, Jack & Stenchprogram; “El Cucuy”posted bail after being booked on criminal threats charges; KKBT/100.3 FM dropped “The Beat” tagline for “V100”; former KNX/1070 AM newsman and website chronicler of local TV news, Ron Fineman, died.

First up, Star 98.7 FM. Station management – Greg Ashlock and Craig Rossi from Clear Channel Radio in Los Angeles – announced in a joint statement Jan. 2nd that “The Jamie, Jack and Stench morning show will not be returning to the air on Star 98.7.

“In planning for 2007, Star 98.7 management decided that the show is not a long term fit with the music intensive, artist driven direction that began last April with the station’s relaunch as ‘Today’s Music Alternative’.We are very grateful for their years of talented service entertaining Southern California radio listeners. The plan for the future of Star 98.7 mornings is in place and will be announced on-air in the coming week. “

No comment from Jamie White or Mike Roberts(Stench). Jack Heine posted this statement on his website – “Hey, remember me? I was the cream filling in the Jamie, Jack and Stench Oreo. On Jan. 3, 2007 we were let go and will no longer be heard on your morning commute. But I will not stop blogging, so check my blog here at myspace for daily updates…you can keep tabs on Jamie at …Thanks for all the support.”

Rossi, Star’s vice president and general manager, also e-mailed, “There are people who, because of the timing, will want to connect this change to the incident that happened on Dec. 15 when Bill Handel(KFI/640 AM) entered the Star studios. This has absolutely nothing to do with that incident, for which Bill accepted responsibility. JJ&S did nothing wrong with regards to that situation, in fact, they conducted themselves admirably under the circumstances. The decision to discontinue their show was made weeks prior to that incident.”

Jamie, Jack and Stench are still under contract, so it is doubtful we will hear more from them until they are free agents again.

Jamie started at Star in 1998 with partners Frank Kramer and Frosty Stillwell. Danny Bonaduce replaced the fired Frosty and Frank in 1999. He departed in 2005 and entered rehab for drug and alcohol addiction. Board operator Jack and producer Mike Roberts (Stench) joined Jamie as her on-air partners in July of 2005.

The show was noted for its racy talk and frequent on-air tirades against management. The new morning show team is to be announced on air this week, according to Rossi.

First my Country station disappears entirely, now I’m stuck without some humor on my ride in. (insert sarcasm here) Thanks a whole lot ClearChannel. It might be time for Sirius.


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