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65 Percent of Americans Spend More Time with Their Computer than Their Spouse

REDWOOD CITY, Calif., Jan. 22 /PRNewswire-FirstCall/ — 65 percent of consumers are spending more time with a computer than with their significant other, according to new independent research commissioned by

Conducted by independent research firm Kelton Research, the “Cyber Stress” study confirmed consumers’ growing relationship with technology in their everyday lives. In fact, more than 8 out of 10 Americans (84%) say they are more dependent on their home computer now than they were just three years ago.

Like any relationship, the test comes not when things are going well but when times are tough. And unfortunately in the case of their computers, things aren’t going so well for Americans.

— The average consumer has experienced computer troubles eight times – about every four months – over the last three years.
— The average American is wasting 12 hours per month – the equivalent of half a weekend – due to problems with their home computer.
— A majority of Americans (52%) describe their most recent experience with a computer problem as one of anger, sadness or alienation.

“We empathize with consumers about the emotional nature of dealing with computer problems. As the leader in computer problem resolution for nearly 10 years, we have a distinct advantage in helping consumers quickly and conveniently solve their frustrating computer problems,” said Josh Pickus, CEO of SupportSoft. “For these reasons, we will be launching, a service that speaks to consumers without talking down to them and uses proven, patented technology to resolve their frustrating computer problems – guaranteed.”

Considering the large role computers play in people’s lives today, experts agree that computer problems can sometimes cause significant emotional distress, similar to what happens when a problem occurs between spouses.

“As computers become increasingly pervasive in our lives, our relationships with them can begin to seem almost as important as a relationship with a significant other. When problems then occur with the computer, it often leaves people feeling frustrated or helpless,” says Dr. Robi Ludwig, renowned psychotherapist and host of TLC’s reality series “One Week to Save a Marriage.” “On my show, I teach couples that they don’t have to be an expert in resolving tough marital problems, they simply have to know whom to turn to for support. With the introduction of, consumers can have a trusted advisor to turn to for technology relief when they experience frustrating technology problems.”


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    Jan 24, 2007 @ 21:34:00

    Hm… Is this an article or an ad for


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