Things I Learned/Confirmed While in Kansas

Driving in a snow storm at night is a bit like flying at “warp speed”

Corollary: Karma [Carma?] will take care of the asshat who blasts past you going way too fast for the weather by turning his car into a useless ditch ornament up the road.

When I got in on Saturday night it was snowing like crazy. I’d never been in a snowstorm like that, and it was really terrifying. It took us almost 4 hours to get home and Wes was dead tired when we got there. Luckily, by the next day it had stopped snowing and was just freakishly cold. Today it was 15 degrees. BRRRRR. I remember why I love the west coast.

Kansans are weird.

I think I sort of get what they meant to say here, but it’s not exactly optimistic about self improvement is it?

Kansans are weird, part II

I give you a genuine truck full of milk. Ignore the horrible image of me next to the truck. I’m just trying to prove that in a random parking lot, there was a truck, filled with milk. And it was 20 degrees out so the milk was pretty damn well chilled.

Engineers are over-achieving snow man architects.

This cool dude was outside the engineering complex on Sunday. Clearly some engineers decided to outdo themselves. Just for information’s sake, I’m a tall drink of 5’4″ water. That dude is probably 7 feet.

Size 4 sweaters don’t fit grown men. Especially not grown men with birthdays.

Poor guy had to go to classes on his birthday. He did, however, have a long lunch hour so we got to hang out together for a few hours midday. Then his late afternoon lab got canceled so we went for coffee (at a YUMMY independent coffee house) and then had an early dinner at an authentic Thai restaurant.

That a sweater for a toddler isn’t as hard as I thought it might be.

Especially not if you have two days to kill in airports, and one day when your guy is in class. This is for my nephew’s birthday next month. I made it big intentionally so he can grow into it. Pattern is Ann Norling’s #53, top down raglan.

That Stanley Bing is a pretty funny guy.

I bought this little gem for my dad a while back and he loved it. Stanley Bing is sarcastic, hilarious and a shrewd wit. In this novella, he talks about how Rome was the original corporation and that much of today’s boardroom antics have their roots in our Roman forefathers. If you like his column in Fortune, this is a must read.

That I am, without a doubt, marrying the most wonderful man in the world.

Whether we’re getting tipsy on your mead in a hot tub, doing crosswords in coffee shops, geocaching, listening to your Professor who sounds like Ben Stein, cuddling in the cold weather or plotting the destruction of your mom’s cat, I have no doubt that you’re my soul mate and the one I want to be with forever. I hope your birthday was wonderful, and I hope we never spend another one apart ever again. You’re the BEST baby.


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