Rejoicing we’re not in the old world.

Prince Charles ‘has legal right to sleep with Welsh virgins’

Prince Charles has the legal right to sleep with Welsh virgins on their wedding night.

The prince became a Welsh landowner when he purchased the 192-acre Llwynywormwood Estate, in the village of Myddfai, Carmarthenshire, last year, and, under an ancient law, he is entitled to bed local virgins before the groom – unless their new husbands hand over 50p.

The 1833 Topgraphical Dictionary of Wales states: “Landed gentry were entitled to take 10 shillings (50 pence) on the marriage of every freeholder in lieu of the uncivilised feudal custom of a first night’s lodging with the bride.”

A spokesman for Clarence House has assured the prince’s new neighbours that Charles will not be exercising this right.

Local farmer’s daughter Emma Thomas, 23, is due to marry Liam Blofield next month.

She told Britain’s Daily Star newspaper: “I don’t think it is likely. It wouldn’t be very PC in this day and age.

“Liam wouldn’t be very pleased. I dread to think what he would say to Prince Charles.”

The 58-year-old prince and his wife Camilla bought the estate to use as a holiday home.

This atrocity found at, news for the public sector and beyond.

Image courtesy of Caricaturists in the UK.


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