Fun?!? at work.

Your mission: Boss #1 tells you to find video clip on advanced robots from a few weeks back.

Action: You type “japanese,” “robot,” and “video” into Google. You get something like this. You also get a number of other unmentionables.

Boss #2 walks up as you are chatting with workmates about the propensity of Japanese Robot porn on the net. Boss #2 turns red and backs away slowly.

As you watch the clip above a few minutes later, you wonder aloud “I wish I knew what they were saying.” Coworker notes that you do seem to have a colorful grasp of the Japanese language. You remember that you have regaled her with the dirty words you know in Japanese. You say aloud, “yes but I don’t think the Robot at the trade show is saying really big penis over and over.”

Cue Boss #2 walking up for a second time.

Can you make up stuff THIS good?


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