Le Weekend

This weekend was way too short! I was super busy, as is evidenced by my lack of posting. Here are the highlights:

Friday – I came home ready for a relaxing evening. Wes and I had Netflixed Kinky Boots for a good laugh. I found the movie wasn’t as madcap as I was expecting, but a really cool movie VERY loosely based on a true story. I would definitely recommend it if you’re up for slightly odd British movies!

Saturday – I finally got some hours at the knitting store. I worked from 10am – 4pm and introduced Fletcher to all the ladies. I worked a bit more on a charity baby blanket, stocked the shelves with brand new Noro yarns (Hotaru and a cotton boucle!), grabbed some stuff to knit into samples and generally had a good time. At 4pm I set out for the Norris Center’s Valentine Ball. I was in charge of processing auction results and generating the end of the night invoices. It was a great evening.

The highlight there was finding out that a friend of mine is going to have a baby in a few weeks. I’m thinking of making the little baby kimono sweater pictured above and adding a bit of intarsia to the pattern – a japanese character on the back. My friend’s wife is Japanese and they’ve both lived in Japan so I think it would be cute to welcome their baby girl in style! (Ignore the fact that I’m drooling at new knitting prospects!)

Sunday – Unfortunately Sunday was the day of reckoning. There was homework to be done and no way for me to escape it. I finished two assignments and got a good start to the paper that’s due Friday. I’m really getting sick of this school stuff though. (Countdown to May 11 begins now!) I also entertained myself with more 24: Season 4 and lots of DVR’d TV from last week.

That’s about it for the weekend. More news when I recover from Monday morning.


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