Long Weekend Update

I’m not sure about you but I’m taking advantage of my long weekend. I’ve never agreed with this distribution of work 5 days and take only 2 off. Seems kind of inequitable, huh?

This weekend I’ve been spending my time doing my favorite things: talking to my sweetie, knitting, reading, and napping. I also managed to get in a party with friends, cleaning (laundry and dishes), and some grocery shopping.

I have tons of projects on the needles, but I couldn’t wait to do a little of my newest project tonight – crochet Part Deux, the granny square blanket. Please pardon the crazy hippie rainbow yarn – it was bequeathed to me by someone who couldn’t stand it. My pet peeve is letting good yarn go to waste. I recognize, however, its potential psychedelic properties, so I’m trying to temper it with a solid yarn.

For those of you with a day off tomorrow, enjoy it! I’ll be using mine to catch up on homework, more knitting, my 24 DVDs and a school project.


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