The Almighty Meeting

We’ve all been there. That long, boring, meeting where we can barely stay awake, and yet we do just by sheer force of will and wondering how this is supposed to be productive. Finally someone talks about how pointless most meetings are (and there’s statistical proof!):

From Slashdot: “Robert Heinlein once said that the committee was the only life form in the universe with three or more bellies and no brain. MSNBC reports that his statement may have some statistical truth to it. Researchers are finding that meetings are actually bad places to be creative. You’re not actually ‘dumber’ when you’re in the meeting, just more likely to lose your creative edge. Studies have now shown that, as collaborative primates, the more often a possibility is mentioned the more likely the group is to go along with it. Individuals placed by themselves were more likely to come up with imaginative alternatives to products, for example.”

My former coworker always said:

If you have a week, do it yourself.
If you have a month, delegate it.
If you have forever, form a committee.

I always said:

A failure to plan on your part does not constitute an emergency on my part.

This post not motivated, in point of fact, by a meeting I was forced to attend. Contrary to all indications, I’ve actually had a fairly work-filled and productive day, along with enough good news to pep me up for a bit. Just saw the tidbit on Slashdot and had to share.


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