And the Oscar goes to…

Yes, I’m watching the Oscars and I have to say, I’m a little bored. I love Ellen Degeneres, and I love movies, and I even love seeing the stars, but it’s just getting long waiting for the final awards.

So instead, I’ll give you a weekend update.

1. On Saturday night I started, and got SUCKED into a great book: The Mermaid Chair by Sue Monk Kidd. This was a great romantic read, just a little bit of escapism that I was looking for. I could barely put it down long enough to sleep last night and finished it this morning when I got up. I won’t say it’s great literature, but it was definitely a good read.

2. I finished my mom’s birthday present. Since she’s been checking in lately, and I’m going to see her this weekend, I’m going to hold off putting a picture up, but there’s one coming.

3. I finished 24: Season 4, and saw Jet Li’s Fearless and the first part of Desperate Housewives: Season 2. Jack Bauer, as usual, did not disappoint. Now I just have to rent Season 5 and I’ll be mostly caught up. Fearless was a decent flick. The beginning was a little fight heavy and plot light, but it definitely got better as it went along. Desperate Housewives was it’s usual dysfunctional. I enjoy the show, but I guess I’m not sure about ALL the hype it gets.

4. Various projects. Watching Fearless with subtitles forced me to start another blanket for some straight knitting (without having to look). Pretty soon I’ll show you my green St. Patrick’s Day and April Project Spectrum contestant. The granny square keeps growing, psychedelic as always.

And I’ve started a little something new. It’s another gift (for the li’l sis) so I won’t be showing it again until it is done, but I thought a sneak previous was in order. Behold the cabled mittens:


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