A belated Valentine’s Day (brought to you by the USPS)

Yesterday at work I received a fairly large Hallmark Card. Now Wes and I had only been waiting TWO WHOLE WEEKS for the US Postal Service to deliver this card. I mean, seriously, there was no rain, nor snow, nor sleet to deter the USPS from making the V-day deadline in warm, sunny Southern California. I was ready to write them off as an unreliable old dinosaur, but Wes seemed more concerned. Last night I found out why.

My sweetie sent me an AWESOME card, and an even BETTER gift in the card. In the card he enclosed a prepaid Visa card “to be used when you want to buy yarn but think it’s not in the budget. Just buy it!”

Thank you sweetie. I love you SO much.

(no thanks to the US Postal Service)

(PS However, USPS gets a slight bonus for now offering the Forever Stamp)


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