I’m really not that scary.

One of the things I’ve noticed throughout the years, is that through the internet, I am friends with all sorts of people I may never meet. I don’t mean share-all-your-deepest-darkest-secrets friends, but more acquaintances who keep up with each others lives. Since I entered the blogosphere a couple of years ago, I have started reading several blogs almost daily and I now have this strange familiarity with people and their lives, even though I’ve never actually met them.

I’ve also noticed over the years, that my anti-depressants have made me dream extra vividly. Sometimes I think there are underlying reasons why I dream what I do, and sometimes I just think that jumble of conscious thoughts decides to have a party and see what weird stuff it can turn out.

So I shouldn’t have been suprised last night when I dreamed I was hanging out with Beth Fish and her adorable daughter Mia. It wasn’t anything freaky… we were just sitting on a sofa chatting. Mia was running around and dancing and I was videotaping it on my digital camera (which in reality doesn’t record movies… go figure). And then I told Beth I would burn a copy of the adorable video to DVD and mail it to her.

So even though it wasn’t creepy at all, I end up feeling weirded out this morning. Does anyone else experience this?


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  1. Beth Fish
    Mar 21, 2007 @ 23:58:00

    I appreciate you making a DVD instead of posting it on YouTube. You know, in your dream.


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