Let the planning begin…

In the first of what I’m sure will become a long series of posts, let the wedding planning begin!

Wes arrived in town on Saturday afternoon. After a little R&R and a wonderful dinner at the Chart House with Mom and Dad on Saturday night, we headed out to Malibu on Sunday to look at a wedding site. Don’t want to link here and extol too many virtues, for fear of jinxing it, but suffice it to say, we may have the WHERE of the marriage question settled. More details to come.

After the tour, we drove through Malibu a bit, grabbed some lunch and went to see 300 with Knitmeister S. We all enjoyed the movie, but it did get a little long in the middle. The stylistic and special effects were incredibly well done however.

Last night I cooked (I know… I’m not domestic!). I whipped up some chili and cornbread and we enjoyed some DVD’s, some knitting and some snuggling. We were in bed EARLY (I must be getting old).

Now today is recovering from the weekend, dreading going back to school (only 7 weeks left!) and fuming over being blown off by my superviser yet again. Can’t I just knit all day?


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