A feast of knitting….

Last night was the first time in two weeks I’ve been by the knitting store and boy did I miss it. I took Wes with me last night, which was fun. I also grabbed a bunch of new stuff to knit up as samples for the shop, and I’m going to work on a cute cardigan in a new silk/linen blend. It should be a perfect little Spring sweater in lavendar and lime green. It’s a shop sample, so I get to play with new yarns for free, and get paid for my work!

I’ve also got a million projects on the needles. Finishing up presents for the Li’l Sis who has her birthday next week, a sweater for my niece, a baby kimono, and a sweater for me – a simple cardigan in a dark plum/mulberry color. Oh and a few charity blankets for good measure.

All in all, I’m just feeling ready to pour on the creative juices. Hopefully I’ll carve out some time to do it in the next few weeks. Today I actually knit on my lunch hour and it was fabulous!

More pics of my work to follow, but for now I’ll leave you with a photo of this yummy yarn which can be found here or at my favorite LYS. It’s recycled sari silk spun into yarn and it’s beautiful.


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