Another weekend dead and gone.

I can’t believe it’s almost Monday again. Where DOES the time go?

This weekend ended up being pretty good despite impending school projects and being trapped in my house waiting for furniture movers.

Friday I got home from work, and spent a little time chatting with my sweetie. Took a Power Nap and then got up and worked on my school project for a while. It paid to get a good start on Friday, so I could play on Saturday.

Saturday I slept late and then went to hang out at my favorite place. I mostly finished the pink sweater (see previous entry) and started on the baby kimono. I had never knitted in Koigu before and let me tell you, it’s a treat. It’s so soft! I can’t wait to see the finished product.

Saturday night was movie night and Wes and I watched The Departed. Though I enjoyed this movie, I confess I was a little lost as to where it was going as it twisted and turned. On the whole, it had a great cast and was acted very well. Later in the evening, after Wes had gone to bed, I popped in Keeping Mum. This is a highly bizarre British movie starring Kristin Scott Thomas and Maggie Smith. Maggie Smith plays a zany nanny who has a dark (and hilarious) secret. I would highly recommend this if you love kooky British movies.

Today I worked on my group project. I am SO glad that I’m almost a graduate. Even though I have a friend in this group, we still have less desirable members. Basically we divided up the rest of the report today so that we could get it done and get a good grade. After that the new couch arrived and I enjoyed some more of Desperate Housewives: Season 2.

Finally, tonight I went to dinner with my parents. We talked quite a bit about the wedding and made some decisions. Hopefully I’ll have some news to post soon regarding that… I have lots of phone calls to make in the next few days.

I leave you with photos of my two new projects (perfect for Project Spectrum’s April/May colors: Pink, Green and Yellow). The one on the top is the baby kimono in Koigu lavender and mint green. The bottom is a rippled crochet afghan in Heirloom Breeze – more stripes and colors to come!


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