The magical number 3.

A lot of things in life come in threes. You know when 2 people of some amount of notoriety die? And everyone waits for the third because bad things come in threes? Is it a secret that a stool with three legs is more stable than one with four? It’s all that planar math.

The corrolary to my theory about things coming in threes, is that there’s always one that’s odd man out. You know… when you take any three siblings, arguments usually end up two to one.

Anyhow, at any given time in my life I have three main themes. Currently my holy triumvirate is romance, school and work.

So my romance is going along swimmingly. The wedding is starting to take shape, we’re hoping to live together this summer, and we’ve got less than 9 months until we can finally be together forever (and live happily ever after).

School is likewise progressing in a similar fashion. As of today, I’m approximately 5 weeks away from being done with my masters degree. Although I have some indecision as to exactly what I want to do with my MBA, I’m proud and glad to be done with it. Only two more papers and one final and I’m a graduate!

Which brings me to the third leg on my stool: work. Right now work seems to be odd man out. Since I came to work here almost 2 years ago, I had hoped that I would have a future career here. However, with the recent change in management, it’s becoming clearer each day that I’m considered more of a secretary than a career person. And that leaves me in an uncomfortable position. I’m depressed about how things are going, but I’m not sure where else I would like to go. I have an eclectic set of skills that don’t translate well to resume WOW and I’m lost in a mess of job ads for things I’m not sure I want to do.

To make a long story short, excuse my while I go surf for wedding sites and job postings!


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