Holy crap it’s April.

Also known as HOLY CRAP IT’S APRIL! Where has the year gone? I have approximately 32 days until graduation (if I want to be specific I would say 32 days and 3 hours). Two more papers and one more final and I’m a graduate. Holy Crap.

I turn 29 in approximately 26 days. I could be cute and give you an actual countdown, but I’m just not that cute. (or obsessive….much). The last year of my 20’s. How….anticlimatic? I still feel like a big kid trapped in an adult’s body. Mortgages? Marriage? Children? Am I really old enough for this?

The quest for a summer live-in lover. Yes, you read that right. Wes and I are still keeping the fingers and toes crossed that an internship is going to surface in the LA area so he can come and live with me for the summer. HOLY CRAP it’s April already?

Things that I’m not worried about even though it’s April:

* Taxes. The power of e-filing allows me to already have my rockin’ refund. Also see entries under COUCH.
* April Showers – I like gloom. Bring on the rain, but you’d better be damn sure there are May flowers for my birthday and graduation.
* Easter – you may wonder why a Jewish girl likes the month that Easter falls in. Well I have three words for you: CADBURY CREME EGGS.

Ok back to the grind…


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  1. ndef
    Apr 09, 2007 @ 23:07:00



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