New Gadget Alert

Well it may be old news, but it’s new to me! I was anxiously awaiting yesterday’s date, because my Verizon “new in two” plan rolled over yesterday which means I was eligible for a new free phone. I picked the ultrasleek Motorola RAZR in silver. Shiny!

But beyond my excitement for a new toy, I thought I’d alert you to a good cause. For those of you who end up with a new phone and a gazillion old phones and accessories, did you know that you can donate your phone to good causes? This site is a treasure trove of knowledge, from where you can drop off your old phones locally, to instructions on how to wipe all the information in your phone before you donate, to your choice of programs to support (from domestic abuse to after school programs).

So go out and get yourself a shiny new gadget and donate your old one! It’s for a good cause…honest!

ETA: I ordered it yesterday and it arrived today! Woohoo!


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