Dressing for the ball….

I’m not a particularly skeptical online shopper. I am careful with my credit cards, and buy from reputable sources, but in general I’ll shop for quite a few things on the internet. Caveats include shoes, expensive clothing, and items and I need to see/try on/touch/compare before hand.

But in the next few weeks I have a wedding to go to and no time to shop, and well, I haven’t a thing to wear. I mean this sort of literally. The last time I bought nice dresses for anything (dresses that weren’t bridesmaids dresses!), I was in high school and college and 15-30 lbs lighter than I am now.

So I decided to give this the old college try. I found the dress at Nordstrom’s and I’m going to attempt to try it on this weekend (if that fails, I’ll just order online and keep my fingers crossed):

And on Overstock, I bought a pair of these:

I broke the shoe rule because these are Nine West, which I wear quite a few of, and because Overstock’s return policy is pretty good. That and they’re on sale and I don’t have to try 12 million pairs on first!

So stay tuned for the report!


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