The Man Movie

Wes and I are enjoying spending the week together and even got to go out on a mid-week date last night. I can’t wait until he lives here and we can do this all the time!

Our chosen movie of the evening was Spiderman 3. I have to say that I enjoyed sitting in the theatre and watching it. It had a decent plot, and enough scenes with great effects to keep things interesting. However, I do have to make the following observations:

* Try as I might I just can’t seem to care too much for Tobey Maguire or Kirsten Dunst. They’re both mediocre actors as far as I’m concerned, and while it’s fine for a flick like this, it doesn’t really satistfy my appetite for really good acting.
* There were some plot holes. For instance (and I’m not giving away spoilers) if Bernard really knows the information he communicates to Harry, why didn’t he communicate it earlier in the saga? Wouldn’t it have basically eliminated the second movie?
* LOVED the music, especially Kirsten Dunst’s songs as the actress. I wonder if that was really her singing or whether she got dubbed….
* Guess who was listed in the credits for special effects… my very own workplace! I guess I finally understand why we weren’t supposed to look.

Anyway, I wouldn’t call this a must see, but it’s definitely ok for an entertaining evening.

ETA: I guess someone had these Top 10 things to say.


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