For the past week or two I have been suffering from a loss of blogging mojo. First I was sick, then busy, and now I just don’t seem to have anything interesting to write about.

I could write about The Good Shepherd which Wes and I saw last night. It was a crazy confusing movie but really good. Matt Damon was excellent, as was the supporting cast. I was totally confused by what was going on and Wes probably got tired of my repeated queries “What just happened there?” but we really enjoyed it.

Or I could write about how I started knitting my new sweater. I chose to knit it in a rich blend of wool and cashmere, Rowan Cashsoft DK in a burgundy called Poison (that seems to look brown everywhere I can find it on the web). So far I have a bit of the neck done.

Or I could reveal that I’m kind of a closet conspiracy nut and that I’m fascinated by things like the JFK assassination. And my interested was piqued by this tidbit from Slashdot.

Or there’s always the office gossip about Paris in the slammer.

But truthfully, none of these makes an incredibly interested post. Ahhh the ennui.


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