Dreams are a strange thing. Somewhere at night, when your body is resting and your mind is free to roam, your subconscious takes over and throws a party. Sometimes my subconscious just takes the events and thoughts of the day, and puts them in a blender, rearranging them all in a nice puree. Other times, it’s like my subconscious has discovered crack or LSD and just started making stuff up. My subconscious enjoys certain themes as well. In my dreams I am a total butterfingers – glasses, ceramics, anything breakable just slips from my hands and shatters. I often chew gum in my dreams and it sticks to my teeth like glue (reminiscent of my life in braces).

Last night my subconscious had a little fun. I was back performing in a play, as I did in high school. My high school drama teacher, always temperamental, was sitting there in the audience frowning at our efforts to put on a play. As the play continued (the Friday evening show) I suddenly realized that I have a wedding to attend this Saturday, and theatre tickets on Sunday (I actually do!) and that I wouldn’t be able to perform. Simultaneously, the ceramic flower pot I was holding slipped from my hands and shattered. I realized with horror I was going to have to replace the prop and face the director’s wrath for missing the final two performances. I woke up in a cold sweat.

All I have to say is TGIF! Wes and I are off for a romantic weekend. Tomorrow one of my MBA classmates and his sweetie are tying the knot down in Costa Mesa and Wes and I have planned a little getaway down there. Sunday we’ve got tickets to Wicked. I’m so excited! Hope y’all have great weekends and I’ll be back with more tales of fun and amusement on Monday!


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