Recovering from weekend.

This weekend was super fun and just what I needed to unwind from the hubbub of the past few weeks. Friday we kicked off the weekend with a half day off work and headed downtown to Chinatown for dim sum lunch at the Empress Pavilion. After a great lunch, I headed home for some relaxation and knitting.

Then, at 6pm, it was time to head down to Hermosa Beach for our very first pole dancing class. I have to say it was both exactly what I expected and nothing what I expected. We started out in a dark dance room with two poles in the middle of the floor. The lighting was low (and vaguely pink) and the mirrors were covered in satin. The first 45 minutes was intensive yoga and strength training – our muscles were all like jelly after that. The next half an hour or so was learning how to use the pole in a way that would keep us safe – learning how not to strain muscles. Surprisingly, the whole class was great fun! I think we’re going to sign up for the 6 week session.

Saturday was a relaxing day. I spent all day at the knitting store working on a variety of projects and chatting with the knitting groupies. It was super soothing for the soul. I arrived home in time for a dinner and a movie with my sweetie, The Secret Garden.

Sunday was laundry morning. I had a mountain of laundry that I hadn’t tackled in a while (and all of Wes’ clothes!). So I perfected my new method of sleeping late AND doing laundry. Basically you wander over to the laundry room in sweats, and start your loads. Come home, set a timer, and go back to sleep on the couch until it’s time to dry. Then just repeat. You’ve slept late AND have clean clothes to show for it!

Sunday afternoon was gaming, and then Sunday evening was a party at a coworkers. It was a blast! The men played video games (even I got sucked into it once) and Guitar Hero ruled the evening. The party went super late and ended with Uno and great conversation.

Yesterday was a little less fun (mostly because of the 3am the night before), but I went shopping and for pedicures with friends. Last night I caught up more on Season 5 of 24 and headed to bed early. All in all a great weekend. Is it really time to work again?


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