Good news… I hope.

A few weeks ago I came home to a most unwelcome sight in my mailbox – a big thick letter from the California Franchise Tax Board. Well my hunch was correct. It wasn’t good news.

To my dismay, the letter referenced my 2004 taxes stating that I had taken improper deductions (based on the year, I can only surmise it was tuition that I deducted) and that I now owed over $600 in principal and interest.

So I called my trusty accountant (who has been doing my taxes since birth) and faxed over the hatemail letter. Since today marks 2 weeks since I’ve heard anything I decided to call them up. My accountant informs me that he’s in the right and that he’s confident that he’ll win this for me. And his assistant told me that when he’s this confident things usually turn out well. Keep your fingers crossed for me. That’s $600 I’m SURE I can find another use for!


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