Introducing GiGi

I realized that I have neglected to mention the newest addition to my technology portfolio – my brand new iMac at work. I have named her GiGi which stands for Gigantically Ginormous because that’s what she is. I got her because someone else didn’t want her, but she’s a brand new gorgeous 24-inch iMac so I’m not complaining.

I had initially resisted going Mac at work because so much of the work world is PC based. But then I learned about Parallels. This nifty little program allows you to run both Windows and Mac OSX at the SAME TIME. Meaning I toggle between the two windows like they were simple applications. So far there have been a few bumps in the road [like when I run Outlook on the Windows side (Entourage on the Mac side is a bit buggy) I only have access to the Windows side documents and all my documents are on the Mac side] but overall I’m loving it.

To round out my Mac lovefest, I found a new chat client. Well, the credit here really goes to Wes, because he found it. I LOVE iChat, but it doesn’t support anything except AIM and .mac and that just doesn’t cut it at work. So today I downloaded Adium and so far I am pleased as punch. The cute little green duck flaps it’s wings in my toolbar each time I have a new message. So cute!

So that’s what I’m playing with over here. Now just to rip all my old music that’s on the bygone PC into my new iTunes.


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