Monday, Monday.

Wow. I can’t believe I’m back at work AGAIN. This whole work 5 days and only have 2 off seems slightly skewed don’t you think? Especially when I have so many wonderful things I like to do that can’t be done at work!

This weekend was very relaxing and exactly what I needed. Friday night I came home and chatted with my sweetie and knitted the night away. Saturday I woke up, did a few chores (renewed the lease!) and headed over to the knitting store for a day of knitting, Thai food and chatting with creative ladies.

Saturday night was supposed to be movie date night with Wes, but the US Postal Service foiled the plans by not delivering my Netflix on time. BOOO! We chatted anyway, and I started a new special project. Pics to come soon!

Sunday was also relaxing. I laid low, knitted, caught up on Season 5 of 24 (only 1 disc to go!) and headed out for a little retail therapy with a new friend. I had a few gift cards from graduation and my birthday burning a hole in my pocket, so I gave in to my love for all things Nine West and picked up this:

All in all, a great weekend. More knitting photos (taken with my new camera!) to come soon – mostly I have several things in progress where the photos aren’t very exciting.


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