Knitting Progress

For the past week or two I’ve been remiss in my knitting blogging. (Causing Wes to tease me that the knit bloggers are going to throw me out of the ring!) Mostly I’ve just been working on a number of bigger projects that don’t show progress as easily. For instance, this cute little cardigan that I’m knitting:

I LOVE the yarn (Rowan Classic Cashsoft DK – Merino and Cashmere – Yum!). I also like the pattern, although the written pattern doesn’t exactly follow the picture on the front so I’ve had to do a little modifying on my own. But as I’m on the body and shaping right now, the progress has been slow even if I do 10-20 rows a night.

Or I could talk about this wrap that I’m working on:

I love the colorway, although the yarn (Lana Grossa Babykid Print) is super sticky and hard to pull out if you forget you’re doing stockingette stitch and knit when you should be purling (too many garter stitch blankets for me). I like the pattern and think it’s going to be gorgeous. First you knit a 60″ rectangle (yes 60″ – I’m on the second week of this project and I’m only at 30….) and then ruffle it at the edges. This one’s for the shop!

There are a few others, some that can’t be disclosed for gifting reasons. So I’m still knitting, alternating between plenty of projects, just not making tons of visual progress.

That said, tonight’s stunning pics were brought to you courtesy of my new Canon Powershot SD800 Digital Elph camera – thanks for the WONDERFUL gift sweetie!


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