Weekend Update

I can’t believe it’s Monday again. Where do the weekend’s go? This weekend was about intense relaxation.

Friday night was a culinary fete at WineGuy’s house, the first in a long time. We noshed on a few appetizers and moved right to the pastries. There were all sorts of dutch treats including spiced cakes, pastries with marzipan, apple pies and lots of cookies. It was a sugar overload, but delicious!

Saturday was a day at A Mano, my favorite place! I’m making progress on my three ongoing projects: the cardigan for me, the wrap for the shop and the super top secret gift for a friend. I think this coming week and weekend will see me moving on from at least one of the first two. Next on the needles – a bathing suit for my upcoming cruise!

Lastly, there were movies!

* The Fountain – This was a sci fi flick that my movie going group tried to see and for some reason never got to it. I picked it out for Wes’ and my “date night” movie this week. It was incredibly disjointed and odd, but the overall movie was pretty interesting. I love Rachel Weisz and Hugh Jackman so it was worth watching.

* Sherrybaby – I wanted to see this one after I saw Maggie Gyllenhal on the Daily Show a while back. I love everything that she’s in – that it’s quirky and dark and raw. This did not disappoint. It wasn’t an uplifting movie, but if you like her work, it is a must see.

* Dr. Zhivago – Last weekend I noticed that this was on Turner Classic Movies and I DVR’d it. I was pleasantly surprised to see that, not only was it the original, but it was also aired without commercial interruption and uncut. I have to say, most times I think of classics as those things everyone talks about but no one has seen. But this was very good and Omar Sharif was quite the handsome man.

* Season Five of 24 – I finished Season 5 this weekend. Now just waiting for Season 6 to hit DVD and see what happens when Jack is back!


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