What a weekend!

This weekend was pure craziness. I was a little bit of everywhere! To recap:

Friday evening I came home to crash on the couch and watch a movie with my sweetie. We watched Eragon. Though it certainly wasn’t the best movie I’ve seen, it was a good story and I did enjoy it. I never would have thought that my man and I would be able to have movie dates, but I look forward to it each weekend!

Saturday morning my friend and I went to a little soiree at a local aesthetics center. Apparently our pole dancing teacher has hooked up with them for a little homeopathic laser healing. The drill was simple: breakfast, a little zap to show us what can be done, and then the hard sell. Although I’m not signing up for any $2-$3k treatments soon, I was happy to have them laser some of my hair away forever. Honestly, it was pretty interesting to listen to the sales pitch, hear the testimonials and see many of the group put down money right away. I was interested, but also skeptical and don’t have the money just lying around.

Saturday afternoon was knitting with the ladies at the yarn store. I worked on another itty bitty vest, and the knit bikini. I love how it’s turning out, despite the fact that the skeptics seem to think a knitted bathing suit could never work.

Saturday evening Mom and I stole away to see Knocked Up. It was very funny, and an entertaining evening. Afterwards we went to the Peninsula Grille and had a flaky pear and marzipan tart with vanilla ice cream and caramel. It was out of this world!

This morning began very early when I brought breakfast to Dad at the annual Field Day event. This morning’s event was a little slower than in past years. Sun spots are wreaking havoc on the bands, and I was only able to work about 50 contacts before the end of the morning, compared to my usual 200-300. It was still a good morning though – got to spend a little quality time with Dad.

I returned to LA midday to head up to A Mano’s 3rd anniversary celebration. There was a great potluck with all sorts of delicious foods and knitting was fabulous. I’m almost done with the charity log cabin blanket. Pictures will be along very soon!

Tonight I came home and watched Running with Scissors. Though the book got rave reviews, I had heard the movie was only fair. Maybe it just wasn’t my type of movie. I didn’t hate it, but I thought it was only mediocre.

I had a few other mishaps this weekend. My bathroom seems to be leaking somehow, and the carpet right outside the shower is damp and smelly. Despite a call to the management, it doesn’t seem to have been dealt with, so that’s on the list for tomorrow. I also found my glasses were broken tonight. So tomorrow won’t be spent at work, but rather running around trying to obtain a fix or a new pair. I’m pretty much blind as a bat without the ole specs. Though I have an old pair, they seem to be fairly blurry and scratched, so I’m going to spend the day hoping for a new set. It’s only money right?

Guess that’s all the news that’s fit to print. If you made it through that, thanks for sticking with me and I hope you enjoy the knitting humor!


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