Let’s go on an adventure Charlie!*

So today was QUITE the adventure. I started about 9:30am on the phone with my apartment manager to try and get the little water leak problem fixed. I’m not sure exactly what they have in mind in the way of a solution, but when I arrived home this afternoon the carpet was pulled up and an industrial fan was drying things out. Somehow, it’s smelling a bit less too.

I left right after that for Costco in search of new glasses. I found a cute pair (not unlike my current glasses, although not as broken!) and went to get my prescription read. Except by law they can’t read a prescription from an old pair of glasses. And the optometrist at Costco is booked until July 8. So I went up the street to a walk-in clinic, plunked down my $39 to get some guy to tell me I should be wearing contacts, my vision seems worse in one eye and better in the other, and to give me the blessed prescription. Then it was back to Costco to drop it off. Now it’s just 7-12 business days of waiting until they’re ready. So I guess it’s just a blurry blurry world until then.

After that I had lunch with a friend, bought some super glue to try and jimmy the old pair together for a few more days (no luck so far), grabbed some organizing implements at Office Depot, and headed home. Here I succumbed to a nap, and now I’m knitting to my heart’s content and watching The Closer on TNT (my favorite summer drama).

*More on Charlie’s adventure here.


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