Well I won’t say that this day has been totally ducky, but things are looking a bit better. Some payments cleared on my work credit card overnight, so it should be reactivated shortly. We had a meeting of the work book club today. The discussion on our first book, Fortress of Solitude by Jonathan Lethem, was interesting and we picked one I’d really been wanting to read for our next book – Wild Trees by Richard Preston. Can’t wait to dive in!

I had pole dancing last night and danced to Pain by Three Days Grace. It’s a great song, and I had a great time. Even my very uncoordinated self was ok on the pole last night. Then I had a wonderful sushi dinner with my pole partner in crime.

I got home about 10pm and worked a bit on the sweater for Tadpole who is going to be a beautiful little girl!!! (Just found out today via Mommy’s ultrasound.) I should be done with the garment shortly, but I just LOVE the ducky buttons.

Today I’m leaving work shortly to go to some doctor appointments and to complete my parents’ anniversary surprise (they will be married 32 years on Friday!) Then it’s home to KNIT KNIT KNIT.

Thank goodness it’s hump day. Is it weekend yet?


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