Things that Piss Me Off and Make me Sad to be An American Today:

1. Scooter Libby Gets Out of Jail Free with Card from President Bush

The justice system didn’t work for Libby. Bush did.

Breaking news reports late on Monday showed that President George W. Bush had commuted the sentence of I. Lewis “Scooter” Libby, a former top aide who also served as Chief of Staff to Vice President Dick Cheney. An appeal by Libby to stay out of jail pending an appeal of his conviction for committing perjury and other offenses was rejected by a federal court this morning.

Libby did not receive a pardon, but he did have his 30 month jail sentence commuted by President Bush.

I don’t know how you feel, but this pisses me off beyond belief. All the checks and balances carefully crafted into the Constitution have been nullified by the actions of a fanatical President who lies and breaks the law and then excuses his minions of wrongdoings that he, himself, has sanctioned.

2. My Adventures Into The Mouth Of The 7-Eleven Kwik-E-Mart

If you’ve ever wondered how pervasive Hollywood marketing efforts could get, then look no further than the merchandising wizards at Twentieth Century Fox. In order to hype the upcoming release of “The Simpsons Movie,” the studio has teamed with 7-Eleven to equip stores across the country with “Simpsons”-branded items, and to turn 11 hand-picked locations into full-blown, real-life Kwik-E-Mart’s, Springfeld’s ubiquitous convenience store.

I’m not a huge Simpson’s fan, but I have watched some episodes and I do find it amusing sometimes. I probably won’t see the movie, and I’m DEFINITELY not a fan of it’s latest marketing gimmick. I’m sorry, but the Kwik-E-Mart and Apu from the Simpsons are nothing but racial stereotypes. Why on earth would that be “cool”? Give me cartoon parody any day… take it to real life and I’m not convinced.


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