Monday Redux

Does anyone else feel like we got royally screwed by having to do Monday all over again today? There I was yesterday enjoying my holiday, feeling like it was a Saturday. And here we are on Thursday, back to getting up early again. WTF?

Otherwise it’s quiet here. Most people took vacation days today. I’m saving mine for our vacation to the Bahamas in August, but I should have called in. Many of our vendors don’t seem to be working either, so it’s kind of a loss as a day.

Of course I’m really just waiting until after work. I’m heading out for a much needed haircut and then over to a concert at an independent coffee house with a friend. I should be able to drag some knitting in there and enjoy a nice evening and still get home early enough to crash for a while before bed.

Hope y’all had a great holiday and are surviving your second Monday!


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