Slow News Day

Today wasn’t so much a slow news day, as a long day with not much free time for me. Hence, no news to report. Mostly I spent the day in meetings, taking minutes, and trying to make sense of the conversation going on around me. (The conversation was, for the most part, academic and not very familiar to me.)

I don’t know what it is about taking minutes at all day meetings, but I am always mentally fried by 4pm. Maybe it’s the long day with unrelenting concentration, but I just feel totally wiped even though I’ve barely moved all day long.

I finished with the meeting around 4:30, finished up a bit of paperwork and got out of there. Ran over to pick up my friend and we headed up to House of Blues for a concert tonight. We had a great (and even reasonably priced!) dinner, but the concert wasn’t to be. The singer in the band who was supposed to leave us tickets at will call never came through. It was kind of a buzzkill to have driven all the way up there to then head home again, but dinner was great and I’m pretty happy just hanging on the couch, so I guess it was ok.


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