Friday the 13th

So far this Friday the 13th hasn’t been that ominous. *knock on wood* I know I probably just jinxed it. I slept almost 12 hours last night, and woke up ready to tackle the day. My morning meeting was canceled, which left me quite a bit of time to get the piles on my desk sorted and remove some of the clutter from my todo list. I had a great sushi lunch at our neighborhood place and then came back for a conference call (which I had no input on so tons more got cleared out of my inbox… thank heavens for laptops!) and now I’m just tying up loose ends and making my todo lists for Monday.

Tonight is a mostly relaxing night where I plan to watch DVDs, straighten/clean the house for Wes’ arrival (he should be arriving sometime this weekend!) and finish up the knitted bikini and make some headway on other projects. Tomorrow is a knitting and cleaning day, and a concert in Hollywood tomorrow night with my workmate. Then Sunday is final prep for Wes, and enjoying his arrival.

I also need to curl up and get some good reading done on next week’s bookclub selection, Wild Trees by Richard Preston. So far it’s an easy and enjoyable read.

AND I’m one week closer to our vacation – I’m so ready for the Bahamas.


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