A Good Weekend

Wes and I got to spend our first weekend together in a while. Friday night we laid low, ordered some yummy Thai food and watched the movie The Covenant. It wasn’t a great movie, but it whetted our appetites for some magic.

Saturday was double feature day. We joined up with Knitmeister S and Blogless Will for a morning showing of Transformers followed by an afternoon showing of Harry Potter. Both movies were excellent. Transformers was good old fashioned summer fun (Yeah Bumblebee!) and Harry didn’t disappoint either. Thought I’m not into the Harry Potter books (thus avoiding the lines this weekend for #7) I do enjoy the movies.

Saturday night we met my parents for a great Italian dinner to celebrate Dad’s 61st birthday! I got him a few good reads: Wicked and Wild Trees, which he’s planning to take with him on their trip to Canada this week. It was a lot of fun.

Today was exercise and outdoors day (since yesterday was sit on our ass, watch movies, and eat food day!). We started this morning with a workout. He, who has been training for a while, ran several miles this morning. I, who am a total workout wimp, walked a mile on the treadmill, cycled 2.5 on the bike, and did the weights circuit in the gym, followed by situps. I feel sore already, so tomorrow ought to be fun. This afternoon we headed out to pick up a few things in Target (why are there no 1 piece swimsuits for women this year?!? but that’s a subject for another post…) and then went Geocaching a bit. Unfortunately for us it was a beautiful Sunday afternoon and what we were looking for was mostly hidden in parks overrun with children and people. We did manage to find one however, and find a nice bench to chill on for a few.

Tonight we’re home watching more movies (The Clearing starring Robert Redford, Willem Defoe and Helen Mirren – it was interesting), some Man v. Wild, and have a little dinner. The only good part about starting a new week is that we’re a little closer to our cruise!


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