Discovery Channel

Lately Wes has me hooked on the Discovery Channel. As RockStarMommy pointed out today, one of the biggest and hottest bad asses on TV is Bear Grylls in his show Man v. Wild. The premise of the show is to take Bear, a ex-UK Special Forces guy and drop him somewhere remote with only a knife, a canteen and some flint. From there he has a couple days to find civilization. Throughout the process he uses his survival skills – subsisting on plants, animals or whatever he can find out there (read: drinking his own urine or squeezing water from elephant dung) to get out of the jam he’s in. He also sometimes throws himself in new jams (Scotland bogs, quicksand, frozen lakes) just for the hell of it, and to show you how to get out. I have come to the conclusion that if I were lost in the wilderness, I would die in 3-6 hours. Unless of course I were lost with Bear, but then I would be perpetually grossed out. Hmmm…..

Another good show is Dirty Jobs with Mike Rowe. Basically Mike takes it upon himself to spend a day doing all the dirtiest jobs in the world, the ones that most of us wouldn’t think of doing. Past jobs include the sewers of San Francisco (complete with cockroaches and rats), dairy farming, cleaning out the engine of a ship, and many, many others too stomach-turning to recall (I must have blocked them.) This is not a show for the weak of stomach but it is awfully fun to watch. Of course, Mike Rowe also has a few hidden talents. For instance – he’s an opera singer!

Here I thought the summer and all the reruns were going to be boring!


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