My Aha Moment

So I’ve been struggling for a little bit with the flaming tote bag. My problems haven’t been so much with the instructions for crocheting the bag, but more with the assembly. I just couldn’t figure out how to put the dang pieces together and the pattern didn’t come with a diagram.

After taking it to the LYS the other night and getting input from my mentors I came home with a renewed sense of vigor. Then I went back to the pattern and crocheted a bit. Suddenly I had piece of odd sizes and I didn’t know where I was again.

FINALLY it dawned on me to use my Googling skills. I stumbled across the designer’s site and SWEET CRACKER SANDWICH* there was a picture of it in side view. Suddenly I knew why I had a bunch of long skinny strips.

All of that said, I don’t think this is a bag that I would carry. It is however finished (minutes the straps) and I can say that I’ve completed my first major crochet project.

*Borrowed from Holly at Nothing but Bonfires.


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