Happy Labor Day!

This has been a wonderful long weekend! It started on Friday with a blissfully short half day of work. From there, I picked up some munchies and headed over to Knitmeister S’s to care for the little beasts on the right. And oh the little beasts they were…. in the space of less than 24 hours they had gotten into the good yarn, into the pots and pans on the counter and done a pretty good destroying number on the blanket hanging over the back of the couch. And that wasn’t all — as I was refilling the food and water, and cleaning the litter box one of these little beasts crawled into the litter box and peed OVER the side of the box onto the floor. I am SO never having pets.

From there it was on to A Mano and an afternoon of knitting followed by bad girls knitting night. I managed to finish the flower petal baby blanket – a sample for the store. I may even be teaching a class on how to do it this October. It came out really nicely – whimsical, fun and happy. Perfect for a new baby. Bad girls knitting night was also a hoot, especially when we sampled the Lilly Pilly wine. Things just got a bit silly.

Saturday I woke up fairly early to head to the knitting store for a day of work and fun. There I took on a new project – the Mitered Scarf from Folk Style. I have to say that this is a great book, and a beautiful piece. The book has a number of garments that, while a little fussy, are really ingeniously constructed. I can’t wait to make the skirt on the cover or the Asian inspired sweater.

Sunday I went back to A Mano for more work and fun, and then came home to watch movies with my sweetie. This weekend I rented discs one and two (of three) of The Scarlet Pimpernel that aired on A&E a while back. I can’t wait for the 3rd disc to show up… I remember loving the book and this was a really great rendition of it.

Today was chores, visiting the kitties again, and more knitting of course. I managed to get a few loads of laundry done earlier today, and then spent some time with the kitties before their daddy comes home tomorrow. They were much sweeter today. I lounged on the couch and they came and laid on me, alternately napping and grooming me. After that it was off to the market and home again to a yucky warm house.

Tonight I watched some Survivorman with Wes and whipped up this cute little Miss Dashwood hat for Tadpole. (We know she’s a girl now and her name is going to be Melody, but for some reason Tadpole has stuck in my head.) I have enough of the cotton left over to maybe make a little sweater to go with the hat, so now I just need to hunt down some patterns.

So that was pretty much the weekend. I wish Wes had been around and that we could have BBQ’d and enjoyed our time off together, but I know this is the last few months we’ll be apart, so it’s ok. Now it’s just back to work.

Happy Labor Day!


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