The Silver Screen

This weekend was spent (mostly) knitting and watching movies. There was a bit of activity in there – pole dancing at the new studio and some sushi – but otherwise it was pure relaxation. I watched the following treats:

Shinobi – This is a Japanese retelling of the Romeo & Juliet story in the 1600s in Japan. A boy and a girl from warring Japanese ninja clans living in the mountains meet. The cinematography is amazing in this movie, and just the style of the film is unlike anything I’ve seen before. A definite recommend!

The Groomsmen – Think about having a wedding and then think about how dysfunctional family can be and you have this movie! From the creators of The Brothers McMullen this movie was uncomfortable and touching at the same time. It gave us a few nightmares about our own wedding, but hopefully none of them will come to pass!

The Painted Veil – Edward Norton and Naomi Watts bring this film to life. It is the story of a bacteriologist in London who volunteers to go to China during the cholera epidemic. As the story unfolds you see how two people can be both cruel and tender to each other. I really liked this one.


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