Things I might hate myself for in the morning.

1. I REALLY want a pair of crocs.

They are the ugliest shoes I may ever have seen. They are plastic. And they are SO comfortable.

I tried on a co-workers last week and I may be hooked. And look at the cute Mary Jane’s that will show off all my beautiful knitted socks. AND they are antibacterial so if you have sweaty feet, and I do (oh the romance!), your shoes won’t smell.

BUT, I might have to shoot myself… a little.


3 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Cyndilou :)
    Sep 11, 2007 @ 02:32:00

    Oh, I have the love of the Crocs Maryjanes — they are not as clunky as regular clogs. I’ve had a couple pair for almost a year now, and they don’t smell at all even though I never wear socks. They are great for walking and also great when you are at a waterpark or walking in a river. I love love love my Crocs. Have I mentioned that I love them? 😀


  2. JayJay
    Sep 14, 2007 @ 18:52:00

    How funny, I was just looking at these and thinking, “how can I actually do this to my sense of fashion?” Sometimes comfort really is a must, though.


  3. Carolyn
    Sep 14, 2007 @ 22:03:00

    I never wanted crocs until I just read your post. You make some excellent points. The showing off knitted socks is a pretty darn good reason to get them. The non-stink thing is a great reason too. Now I might have to think about getting some.


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