Crazy few days…

The last two days I’ve spent a considerable amount of time on main campus, in meetings and classes, without my computer (hence the lack of posting). Yesterday I attended a meeting to prepare for USC’s annual Good Neighbors Campaign. If you’re ever looking for a good place to donate a few extra dollars – this is a great campaign aimed at improving the lives of kids and their families in downtown Los Angeles. Every cent you donate goes to the programs; all administrative costs are covered by the University.

Today I attended a Project Management class. Although I’ve covered most of the materials throughout the course of my MBA, I’m interested in putting it all together and developing myself as a project manager, so I enrolled in the class. The material was interesting, and I’m taking the follow-on courses in a few weeks.

Other than that it’s been a quiet two days. Knitting night was last night, and I’m making progress on a variety of projects including a dress for me, and the amazing quilt wrap from Folk Style. I’m looking forward to weekend (as always!) The only thing standing in between me and a great weekend of relaxing and knitting is one long to-do list for tomorrow. Wish me luck in getting through and I’ll provide more humor tomorrow!


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