The Trials of I-5

Whew! I just got home an hour and a half ago, and I’ve sifted through emails and blog feeds, uploaded my photos and put my feet up. So now it’s time for a rollicking weekend update.

This was the weekend of Light’s baby shower! On Friday, I hopped in the car and headed up to the Bay Area for a long weekend. Despite the trials of I-5 last week, the way was clear on my way up. I set off about 10am and arrived in San Jose sightly after 4:30. This is especially good considering the nap demons started tempting me before the Grapevine and I had to take an impromptu siesta somewhere around Bakersfield (rather than fall asleep on the road).

When I got to San Jose, I immediately scouted out the yarn store where my friend and I had agreed to meet. I have to say, I was very impressed by Communknitty. It was a beautiful space and stocked all sorts of great yarns, including Claudia’s Hand Painteds, some of which just had to come home with me. The store was full of cozy couches, patterns and ideas and hot tea and coffee cake. The place was jumping even at 6pm because of the “Shop Hop Weekend” in the Bay Area which had a whopping 16 knitting stores participating. I can’t wait to go back and find some of the others!

After a bit of yarn porn, we headed out to meet some friends for dinner and drinks. I had some yummy spinach dip and a berry cider which was amazing. We ate, and chatted and then headed back to my friend’s house (where I was staying) and chilled some more. I got a little time to work on my newest pair of socks – two Jaywalkers at once on one circ. I got into bed about 1am and, sadly, couldn’t sleep at all. I last looked at the clock at 7am and was woken at 8:23am by Wes, who had just finished running his half marathon in Kansas City in just under two and a half hours. I was so proud of him!

When I finally pried myself out of bed at 9 or so, I dressed and headed over the hill into Santa Cruz for breakfast with Light and another friend of hers from Seattle. We had a great brunch and wandered around downtown Santa Cruz before heading over to get pedicures! (Hey the momma-to-be wanted a pedicure and who was I to object?) The amusing part of the pedicure was when the three of us picked the exact same color (in 3 different bottles, without talking to each other). Unfortunately we had all worn shoes and socks (bad pedicure etiquette) so we stopped by Mervyn’s to get shiny on-sale off-season flip-flops.

We killed a little more time and then headed back north to Dave & Buster’s (think the adult version of Chuck E. Cheese) for the baby shower and SKEEBALL! We had some great food, played some fun games, and noshed on cake during presents. Then it was off to play Skeeball – the only thing that the momma wanted to do. At 10pm I headed home and collapsed on my friend’s couch. The next thing I remember was him waking me up at 1am and telling me to go up to bed.

This morning was an excellent brunch at Hobee’s (you HAVE to try the coffee cake) and then I got on the road. The drive home was just as long, plus the added excitement of the Los Angeles fires. The smoke was crazy – all hazy and black and orange. The sun everywhere was so orange it was almost red.

So now I’m home with my feet up and trying to relax a little before the Monday onslaught. Hope y’all had a good weekend!


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