A cause to support.

I don’t often ask for support on my blog, but this time it’s super important so I’m going to make an exception.

Almost eight years ago now I lost my grandmother, the one who taught me how to knit, to Alzheimer’s. Unfortunately, I actually lost her years before that as her mind grew foggy and her body gave up on her. Ultimately, she didn’t recognize any of us – her grandchildren, her children, or her husband who sat by her side until the very end. The disease robbed her of many things: her passion, her art, her independence, and her dignity.

It was hard enough losing my grandmother, but sadly my mother now has to watch the same thing happen to one of her best friends. My mother’s college roommate was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s fairly recently, and already can no longer work and enjoy what was her normal life. Her children are just a year or two behind my sister and me, and I can’t imagine facing the prospect of losing my own parents or having them not be able to recognize me.

My mother now works for the Alzheimer’s Association which provides countless services to patients and their families and raises money to support research of the disease. Next Sunday, November 4, she is participating one of the Alzheimer’s annual fundraisers, the Memory Walk. In the 6 years she has been with the organization she has never posted a web page or her personal stories asking for donations from family and friends. This year she has.

This isn’t a personal problem. In fact, it’s quickly becoming a universal problem. Ever 72 seconds someone is diagnosed with Alzheimer’s and these numbers aren’t going to go away. I know you all have causes you support and diseases you fight against, but if you would like to support another cause, the Alzheimer’s Foundation is a good one.


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