So I pulled a bonehead move this weekend and left my cell phone charger plugged into the wall in San Jose. Of course I figured this out somewhere in the middle of the Grapevine (about 4.5 hours into my drive home) when I noticed my phone was going to be deader than a doornail soon and I needed the charger. Luckily my friend sent it to me right away and the USPS didn’t lose it (they care you know!).

My phone died sometime yesterday, not only reminding me of the Hannukah Miracle, but also making me wonder what we did before cell phones. I have a land line at home, but I rarely use it, so my cell is my primary means of communication. For the past few days I’ve felt untethered, disconnected and slightly off. While I am a little saddened by this intense need for communication and a small device I lived completely without just a few short years ago, I am also thankful that we have come so far technologically so that I can keep in close contact with my friends and family over ever increasing distances.


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