It only looks like a bathroom…

But in all actuality it is a dying and drying studio! Today I took a dying class at A Mano Yarn Center. I’d always wanted to do it and it was a lot of fun, if a little messy. The products of my labors are in the bathroom drying as I type. There’s a cotton thick and thin in a chartreuse/magenta combo, a cotton rope in various shades of purples/reds/browns, a cotton ribbon in magenta/orange/teal and some silk/cotton in a rainbow of shades. I also did a little sock laundry.

I also spent quite a bit of time knitting this weekend. I knit a bunch of gifts (no pictures!) and I finished the back and began the front on the golf shirt for the shop. I picked up a cabled gloves commission and I finally picked the openwork dress back up and finished it all except the sleeves.

It was a totally relaxing weekend and just what I needed. I even got in a little nap this afternoon in front of the fireplace while it was misty and rainy outside. If only tomorrow weren’t Monday….


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