Out of the pressure cooker.

This week is better than last. Most of the deadlines are more relaxed, the deliverables are done and now all that’s left is to actually attend the events for which I have been preparing. I think my brain checked out on Sunday. It’s too bad I don’t start vacation until this Friday.

I thought that once the pressure was off, my blogging mojo would return, but I found today to be sort of blah and uninspirational. In fact, I came home this evening and didn’t even want to knit which, if you know me, is highly unusual (and prompted Wes to suggest I call 911).

The truth is I’m coming to grips with all of the next few months. This Friday we’re heading back east to attend a family wedding. Then it’s Thanksgiving and Wes’ graduation just a few short weeks later. Then Christmas and the New Year. We’re still mulling over options on where to live and where to work, and I expect we’ll have made a decision within the next few weeks. After that I think the time will just fly by. I’m excited, nervous, a little sad (at the thought of leaving my life here in L.A.) and relieved that Wes and I will finally be together.

And that’s all the news that’s fit to print.


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