As promised…

So here’s the post with pictures. We arrived in Providence very late Friday night and got to have late night drinks with the bridal party and my sister. The last time I had been to Providence (where my mother grew up and much of our family still lives) was when I was 6, so there was lots to see that I didn’t remember.

On Saturday my mom suggested that we all head down to Newport. My father desperately wanted seafood for lunch so we found a cafe down on the wharfs and wandered, shopped and ate. Then we went for a little drive around Newport to see some of the old mansions. With all the fall colors and the chilly, but sunny day, I got some beautiful photographs. A few are below.

Saturday night was the wedding. We went to the temple where my grandparents and most family members have been married or bar mitzvahed. Although I’m not much for religious ceremony, the wedding was beautiful and it was fascinating to be in a place that had so much family history, much of it for a family that I barely know. My mother was totally in her element, socializing with family and friends she’s known since childhood. the bride and groom were beautiful and so happy and the evening was wonderful.

Sunday Wes and I met up with my friend M. and her husband. M. used to be my boss in LA way back in 2000, but has since relocated to the Providence area. Her husband, who’s a history buff, showed us around Providence and gave us a little historical background on everything. The architecture was amazing. I got one really great shot – of the Rhode Island state capitol building which is the 3rd largest dome in America.

All in all it was a great trip. I’m not sure I recommend heading to the east coast for a weekend jaunt (between the time change and the long flight it was pretty tiring), but it was a great weekend!


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