Thanksgiving Weekend Recap

* My sister and her boyfriend, my parents, Wes and I had a wonderful Thanksgiving feast and enjoyed mass quantities of turkey, pumpkin and chocolate.

* Wes & I watched You Kill Me starring Ben Kingsley. It was excellent. Totally wacky, totally odd and totally enjoyable. I would definitely recommend it. (The Puffy Chair, however, is the first DVD I have actually turned off and returned mostly unwatched. Don’t do it. I warned you.)

* Food food food and friends! We had several great meals with my parents, and a fun lunch with my sister’s best friend and my former roomie and her boyfriend.

* Wes & I rented and watched Rome: Season II (that’s in Roman numerals for those of you who care….). Ten episodes in one week was a commitment, but we weren’t sorry. It was just as good as the first season and left us both hoping for a season 3 – unlikely, but we can hope!

* The knitting. I had a little mishap with some gloves so I focused my energies on the Southwest Trading Company’s Soysilk Man’s Golf Shirt for the store. I finished it late tonight and can’t wait to take it in. My only complaint is that the pattern lies – it asked for 9 balls of green and 4 of navy and somehow I had 4 of the green leftover. Now I’m no mathematician, but the sweater is whole and wearable and I can’t figure out where 4 more balls would go.

* The first boxes have been packed. Let the moving begin. *groan*


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  1. Crafty Carolyn
    Nov 26, 2007 @ 23:49:00

    That shirt looks great, I’m going to go look for the pattern. I’m sad you’re moving, but I’m glad you’ll finally be with Wes all the time.


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